OC Powerstand


The OC Powerstand is a display stand which quickly adjusts to accommodate most 1920 to 1980 vintage motorcycles. The stand is constructed of 1020 mild steel and has a beautiful brushed chrome finish.

The OC Powerstand comes with two quick release straps to secure the motorcycle in place. The base is adjustable to a center to center dimension of 16” for the vertical legs with the standard horizontal bar included. The optional longer base bar, which can be purchased separately, provides a width of 23” on center for the vertical legs if required. The vertical legs can be raised up to 14 ½ inches in height and turned 90° in just a few seconds, to accommodate many different mounting configurations such as, foot pegs, foot peg bases, frame tubes or frame cross bar members. The stand can also be used to support a motorcycle via the rear axle nuts or swing arm - visit the application page of the website for detailed photos.
  • The stand has a weight limit of 500 pounds. Please do not attempt to support motorcycles in excess of 500 pounds.
  • Do not at any time sit on a motorcycle supported by the OC Powerstand.
  • While the stand is extremely sturdy and stable, please still use caution when children are present.
The OC Powerstand only weighs 9 pounds, making it easily portable.

The OC Powerstand provides substantial stability for a motorcycle in a museum setting, an office, a garage, or on display at a show. The fit and finish are excellent and the OC Powerstand compliments any motorcycle restored or otherwise. To view the OC Powerstand in various configurations, click here.