1973 Honda Elsinore - Steamboat Springs, CO - 1992 - Plus 30 Expert Class
1973 Honda Elsinore - Steamboat Springs, CO
1992 - Plus 30 Expert Class

I have been a motorcycle rider and racer for most of my life as well as a restorer of cars and motorcycles for almost 40 years.

The Owen Collection is comprised of approximately 65 motorcycles dating from 1959 to 1974. All of the bikes are either restored, NOS examples or low use originals.

I have always been concerned about the impact an earthquake would have on the collection as the collection is located near Los Angeles. Several years ago I set out to design a display stand that would accommodate the bikes in the collection (www.theowencollection.com) while providing protection against accidental fall over. As it turns out, the O.C. Powerstand will accommodate motorcycles dating back to the 1920s and as current as the 1980’s.

It is obvious that the O.C. Powerstand cannot guaranty against a motorcycle falling over as earthquakes and personal contact can vary, but the O.C. Powerstand is the result of several years of development and it does provide a substantially better protection level than any other stand of this type on the market today.

One last point, as the bikes in the collection are of very high quality, so must be the stand. The O.C. Powerstand is elegant, well constructed and the fit and finish are excellent. It will complement the display of any motorcycle restored or original, and manufactured in the years described.

Please note, the stand has been designed for motorcycles of 500 pounds or less, it is not intended for weight loads in excess of 500 pounds. Please send us your comments and thank you.

Kelly Owen
OC Power Products Inc.