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Baja Desert Race on OC Power StandJust a quick note to comment on your bike stand. We recently completed the resto on our HD Baja factory desert racer and due to the much modified lower frame and footpegs, our normal Baja stands wouldn't work with this bike. A couple of years ago we purchased one of your stands at the El Camino swap meet and never had an opportunity to use it. We checked your stand's compatibility with the Baja's unusual lower frame design and discovered that it fit the modified lower frame like it was made for it! Your stand allows for this bike to be displayed showing off its unusual no down tube frame design with the engine hanging out in the breeze. We also noticed that the stand was well engineered, strong, well finished, and even nicely packaged! -- Thanks! -- Gary & Andrea

Here is a shot of your OC PowerStand (after slight modification) holding up my Mustang motorcycle after it's first test fit and before it's first show.

Roy in Texas

Here is a picture of my bikes with the awesome OCPP Stands in great use!!! Thank you.

Orlando Lago

I LIKE this product. We received our stand boxed. It was well packed and easily removable from the box. The pieces are well finished and easily identified visually per the instructions. We assembled it within 5 minutes. The OC POWERSTAND is easily adaptable and infinitely adjustable. On cement, carpet or grass we were able to display our late year vintage MX'er securely from the down tubes. We feel confident and proud to use this stand with any vintage motorcycle, in a long term inside display or an outside show environment. We feel the OC POWERSTAND is the best choice to keep your bike safe and stable in all display conditions.

Hans Nesbitt
Classic Cycle Events

OCPP Powerstand in actionThe stand is awesome, the strap makes the whole program. Nicely done.

Jim Beck
Nature’s Best

OCPP PowerstandReceived my stand today and couldn't wait to use it. Assembly was simple and straightforward resulting in a
gleaming beauty on the bench. Next was placing it under a motorbike and I chose the Monark; it was a perfect fit in every way. All adjustments were quick and easy. The lowest setting elevated the rear wheel to the ideal height and the padded cradles supported the bike's frame tubes while protecting the paint completely. The extra wide footprint of the base is a real asset with a heavy machine and the appearance compliments any bike. In my 40 plus years’ experience of attempting to display valuable machines with every sort of stand imaginable, I have never encountered anything even approaching the stability of your new product - not to mention the quality of fit and finish. I would recommend this stand to anyone who desires the best. I only wish it had been available when I had my full collection.

John Sawazhki
Original Founding Member of AHRMA

OCPP PowerstandThe stands are fantastic!

Rudy Pock

“The stand is excellent!”

Lee Fabry
Restorer & Racer

OCPP Powerstand in action Holy smokes, this thing is built! Tough, precise, heavy duty. These will be on the planet forever.

You have solved a problem.

Mark Mederski
National Motorcycle Museum

One of the challenges of owning and caring for a collection of motorcycles is to assure they "stand up straight and don't fall over!" Not a problem at all if the motorcycle has a center stand. Most dirt bikes don't and most center stands won't be enough if the ground moves.

The OC Powerstand is the highest quality and most well-engineered stand that I have ever seen. With 150 plus bikes, it is nice to have a stand that is easily fit to each unique machine and would hold the bike up, even if the building falls down!

Tom White
The Early Years of Motocross Museum

OC Power Stand Testimonial - Ken Smith VMX MagWhen one of the most particular vintage dirt bike collectors in the world sets his mind to making a stand to prop up his bikes, you just know that the end result is going to be a winner. Now that it's here, that assumption has proven to be correct - this stand really sets the pace. Kelly Owen has always been concerned about the stability of his bikes both in his museum and when on display at other venues. The O.C. Power Stand is seriously heavy duty both in design and construction, with a very attractive, and durable, brushed chrome finish. The stand is suitable for bikes weighing up to 225kg (500lb) and has the usual capacity for adjustment - both height and width. Nylon carpet is securely attached in the topmost U sections, to cradle frame or footpeg, and prevents any damage to your bike. These mounts can be turned 90 degrees for various mounting configurations and will accommodate bikes as far back as the 30s and as current as the 80s and beyond. There's no question that the stand holds a bike more securely, and with the straps installed (which are included in the price) securing the bike to the stand, it just does not 'wobble'. Even if you knock the bike as you're walking past, it doesn't hardly move. The extra width of this stand over others and the robust materials used in its construction really make a difference. It just feels like the bike is anchored to the floor. Of course, that amount of stability is going to be a bonus whether you're using the stand for displaying your bikes or working on them in the garage.

Ken Smith
Vintage Motocross & Dirt Bike Quarterly