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This stand is not intended for weights over 500 lbs. Do not at any time sit on a motorcycle supported by the OC Powerstand.

1. The preferred method of support is to have enough weight forward that the front wheel is touching the ground and the rear wheel is off the ground 1/2" to 3".

2. Some motorcycles have down pipes which interfere with standard frame mounting. An optional method of support is to increase the width of the stand to support via the foot pegs or foot peg bases. In some instances, it may be necessary to purchase the optional long middle bar to enable widening of the vertical legs beyond 18" on center as measured to the centerline of the vertical legs of the stand. (See our website for various applications.)

3. Another mounting option is to place the vertical legs of the stand under the rear axle head and nut if they protrude 3/4 of an inch or more on both ends of the axle.
(See our website for various applications.)

4. In some instances such as a 1971 Husky 400, the peg bases and frame geometry do not allow for standard frame support. It may be necessary to set the vertical legs of the stand closer together and support the bike via the brake rod tube under the frame. Once the straps are in place the mounting stability will be substantial. (See our website for various applications).

5. While the straps are not a guaranty against the bike falling over, they do greatly enhance the stability of the bike while it is on the stand.

6. For replacement parts or the optional long middle bar, please see our website.

7. Recommended strap installation: Excess strap may be cut off or tucked through the buckle and stored between the straps. Should you wish to cut the excess, the new edge of the strap can be fired with a match to prevent unraveling.

OC Power Stand instruction image

Strap Lacing Diagram: Straps should only be snug, do not over tighten.
One pair of mounting straps is included with each OC Powerstand.